Teachers, by getting your class involved, you may be eligible for some great experiences!

How can you participate?

  1. Dedicate one or more of your classes to learning about the tourism industry.

    Use one of the prepared activities on the Teacher Resource webpage.

    Time Required: 50 minutes of class time.

  2. Give your students class time to complete the Service Best Online course - for students working part-time or preparing to enter the workforce after graduation, customer service training provides life-long, transferable skills.

    Time Required: A few class hours or homework. Students can use waiver code: CAREER to access it for free.

  3. Consider becoming a Canadian Academy of Travel and Tourism (CATT) school by introducing programming and promoting careers in tourism.

    Time Required: There are varying levels of commitment to maintain CATT school designation. Contact training@tourismsask.com and we will assist you in this process.

  4. Offer a credit course in tourism through your Practical Arts Program.

    Time Required: A commitment of 100 hours is needed split between in-class learning and on the job training. Contact training@tourismsask.com and we will assist you in this process.

Tourism Experiences

Are you inspiring passion for the industry in your classroom? If so, we can help by bringing engaging activities to your school.
Send us an email at training@tourismsask.com and let us know.

We can work with you to create some memorable experiences for your class.


  • An overnight visit for your class to one of Saskatchewan's Tourist destinations, complete with accommodations, meals and activities.
  • A class trip to one of Saskatchewan's premier events or festivals.
  • A surprise class visit by one of our tourism operators (ie. Dog sleds, Wilderness Survival).
  • A baking or cooking class with a Red Seal Chef.
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Tourism Destinations
Photo for Elk Ridge Resort
Wilderness Survival
Photo for SOS Wilderness Survival
Baking Classes
Photo for  Baking Classes